The Biscuit

The media channel of Charlotte Is Creative, exploring the Queen City creative community with news, video and podcasts.

Named “Best Email to Land in Your Inbox” by Charlotte Magazine, The Biscuit is guaranteed to clog your arteries with Queen City creative news, rich profiles and a heaping helping of humor. Want to know more about the immense creativity happening throughout Charlotte, and the people behind it all? You’re in the right place. Hope you’re hungry.

Co-Founders and Chief Biscuit-makers, Tim Miner and Matt Olin, spent much of their growing-up years in Charlotte (albeit some would argue they’ve never actually grown up). They bring a deep love of home and emotional investment in their city into The Biscuit kitchen. 

The Biscuit is the official media channel of Charlotte Is Creative, a 501(c)3 non-profit with the mission of developing programs and initiatives designed to break the Charlotte mold and re-make it with creativity – into a city that draws people in, excites them, and inspires them to invest their financial, social and creative capital.

In addition to The Biscuit, Charlotte Is Creative produces such programs as:

As these programs have grown rapidly in their popularity, scores of stories were being uncovered about the creative people, places, and endeavors surging throughout the Charlotte region. Existing media sources simply weren’t covering them as much as these creators, and their city, deserved. So, The Biscuit was born ... or rather, baked.

With a true diversity of voices and inventive approaches to content, storytelling, profiles and investigations, The Biscuit rises up at the intersection of Charlotte’s creativity and community engagement. We champion those working to make this a vibrant, welcoming home for all.

While all those who contribute to The Biscuit may not agree on everything, we are united in the understanding that Charlotte is an astonishingly creative city. And, we are bound by a passion to explore the people, ideas and initiatives striving to make the Queen City a place where all have a chance to be heard, seen, successful and celebrated.

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