Interesting Events In Which We’re Interested: August 22

The Queen City is a town of highly energetic and creative go-getters. That means there’s always something cool or thought-provoking to do. The difficult part is deciding WHICH events to attend. Let us… read more »

5 Ridiculous Questions with Charlotteans We Love – Nalee Thao

Nalee Thao Designer Extraordinaire + Mischief Maker Instagram: @narly There are thousands of Charlotte creatives doing innovative and exciting work all around the city. When we can get a moment of the… read more »

Tooth Fairy Tales – Kara Vasseur

In honor of National Tooth Fairy Day, Kara Vasseur, digital marketing manager for Crisis Assitance Ministry and #CLTAvenger, shares her story about the Tooth Fairy. FAIR WARNING: If you are still a “T… read more »

Where Are We in CLT? Rex the Lion

A ginormous lion has been prowling South Park since 2007 … and his name is “Rex.” The good news is he can’t move, probably because weighs around seven tons. According to Queens Univerity, Rex, who w… read more »

INK STORIES: Sammie Kolk Loves Mom n’ Dad, Canada … and Poison

We love the synthesis of personal story and incredible artistic talent that’s embodied in a tattoo. This week’s Ink Story features makeup artist, blogger, Instagrammer and Canadian turned Southerner,… read more »

Happy National Radio Day!

August 20 is National Radio Day, celebrating the incredible history of radio news and the art of telling stories through the air. The staff of The Biscuit is celebrating by wearing our “Public Radio N… read more »

Where are we in CLT? Denton Burrows Mural on Central Ave.

Once upon a time, getting lost (or just wandering around) in Charlotte wasn’t that much fun. These days, thanks to the unstoppable work of gifted muralists, there’s a visual treasure to find around al… read more »

Charlotte Pride Parade 2019 by Bethany Otten

It may have been blazing hot this Sunday, but nothing could deter the incredible spirit coursing through Uptown as Charlotte Pride’s 2019 celebration hit its high note with the annual Pride Parade. Wh… read more »

Where are we in CLT?

WHERE ARE WE IN CLT? On #NationalRelaxationDay (Aug. 15) … and we can’t think of a better way to spend it than renting a movie from VisArt Video and hunkering down on the couch. VisArt — located in… read more »

beSOCIAL in Plaza-Midwood May Be a “Little Secret” … But It’s Making a Huge Impact

Tucked behind Social Status in Plaza-Midwood is a bright white room with community tables, people typing away in some corners, laughing and drinking coffee in others. This free and innovative co-worki… read more »