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5 Ridiculous Questions with Charlotteans We Love – Nalee Thao

Nalee Thao Designer Extraordinaire + Mischief Maker Instagram: @narly There are thousands of Charlotte creatives doing innovative and exciting work all around the city. When we can get a moment of the… read more »

The Biscuit Podcast – Creative Besties Kate Micham and Nicole Reyes

On this batch of The Biscuit Podcast, we spend time with “Creative Besties,” Kate Micham and Nicole Reyes, creatives at MODE and the leaders of Make-A-Mark in Charlotte, about how they work together,… read more »

INK STORIES: Sammie Kolk Loves Mom n’ Dad, Canada … and Poison

We love the synthesis of personal story and incredible artistic talent that’s embodied in a tattoo. This week’s Ink Story features makeup artist, blogger, Instagrammer and Canadian turned Southerner,… read more »

INK STORIES: Sir Abstraxxx Honors His Grandfather

People get tattoo ink to tell stories. Some of these stories we keep to ourselves. Others we tell whenever someone implores the common “who does your work?” Today, we explore the tattoos of Charlottea… read more »

People of Charlotte: John Mejia Heals with Connections Over Coffee

Grief is a journey all of us must travel at some point. There’s no one path to take. John Mejia lost his wife on August 30, 2018. The Charlotte community has helped him to heal. He believes community-… read more »

Queen’s Feast Recap: Digging Into Four “O.G. CLT” Restaurants

Daydeaming about where to eat this weekend? We won’t tell your boss, but we WILL give you some recommendations. During Queen’s Feast, we dispatched the #CLTAvengers, Charlotte’s mightiest Instagrammer… read more »

The Biscuit Podcast: $HAN Wallace Takes Portraits of Today for Tomorrow

Take a moment and think … what if you lost all your cherished pictures of your life and your family’s life before you? What if you never had them at all? Visiting photographer with The Roll-Up, $HAN… read more »

Dear Soul Music Co. Champions Charlotte Artists Professionally … and Unapologetically

When Arsena Schroeder was young, she took a chance asked a trusted adult to listen to her sing. The harsh feedback she received set her back and silenced her for years. But, now … she sings. Through… read more »

Move Over, Superman! Here Comes Frogboy!

Superheroes have soared into historic popularity in the past few years. Caped crusaders are demolishing the box office on a regular basis, break records left and right. Primetime television seems to f… read more »

From the Stage to the Boardroom: Using Improv as a Corporate Tool

Some might say that Charlottean Jenn Grabenstetter lives two lives — one where she’s the vice president of Global Brand & Content Marketing at Sealed Air and the other as an actress and comedian. But… read more »