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Brit Drozda Makes Something Beautiful

May 29, 2019 | By Andy Goh | CLT Nonprofits | Music | Podcasts

Growing up with parents who supported their children’s creativity, Brit Drozda and her brother indulged a love of music from an early age. The wrote and performed together in high school and Brit accelerated her live performances at Davidson College. Eventually, however, she stopped writing and performing. After a career in the culinary arts and starting her family, Brit was inspired to write a song she called “Let Me Hang the Moon.” This song — and playing it for others – inspired her to re-engage with her passion for music. And, she’s given her talents to Charlotte ever since. Hearing Brit’s soulful singing and folk-rock-pop…


The Biscuit Podcast – The Knight Foundation’s Celebrate Charlotte Arts Grant

May 16, 2019 | By Andy Goh, Tim Miner | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | Creative News | How To/Resources | Podcasts

In April, the Knight Foundation announced the creation of a new initiative, Celebrate Charlotte Arts, inspired by recent efforts like BOOM Charlotte and Goodyear Arts. A unique program designed to bolster and accelerate the growth of the arts and its impact on the community in the Queen City, Celebrate Charlotte Arts allows creatives across a wide array of disciplines to apply for a grant of up to $25,000 from an available pool of $200,000 the Knight Foundation has reserved for this effort. Applications are due on June 7 and community information sessions about the effort are scheduled May 21-23. To explore the origins of Celebrate…


Stacy Cassio of Pink Mentor Network

March 12, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | How To/Resources | Videos

Stacy Cassio of Pink Mentor Network drops an elevator pitch like a champ with assists from Kristi Thomas and Rodrick Banks of Wells Fargo. Watch this and learn how it’s done!


Entrepreneurs in Elevators – Pitch Tips from Dr. Stephanie Cooper-Lewter

February 24, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | Editor's Pick | Videos

Dr. Cooper – You watched Josh throw it down, now hear Dr. Stephanie Cooper-Lewter break it down as she evaluates his pitch and gives us all great tips on how to share our ideas with others quickly.


Larken, Dimple & Braxton

February 6, 2019 | By Andy Goh | CLT Nonprofits | CreativeMornings/Charlotte | Podcasts

CreativeMornings/Charlotte Podcast Ever heard of Raisin Pie? Nah. Neither have we. This week, Tim Miner & Matt Olin quiz it up about Charlotte history & talk about passion for civic service with Larken Egleston, Braxton Winston, & Dimple Ajmera after the 2/1/19 meeting of CreativeMornings/Charlotte. Plus, Kris Cole of the Levin Museum whets our appetites for Taste of the New South on 3/6/19! This podcast is produced by Andy Goh.


Moira Quinn

December 30, 2018 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | Videos

Khalia Braswell of INTech Camp for Girls throws down an epic elevator pitch to Moira Quinn of Charlotte Center City Partners. Want some pitching tips from Moira Quinn? Click here »


Pitching Tips from Moira Quinn

December 30, 2018 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | How To/Resources | Videos


Pitching Tips from The Unicorn Daddy

December 15, 2018 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | How To/Resources | Videos


Chris Elmore

October 22, 2018 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | How To/Resources | Videos

In this episode, Amanda Zullo of Pop-Up Produces pitches to Chris Elmore of AvidXChange. Want more tips? Click here »


Empowering Hidden Leaders to Drive Community Change

June 13, 2019 | By Tim Miner | CLT Nonprofits | Creative News

“By design it’s called an experience, because it is just that. You won’t be able to unsee or un-know what you learn…” – Alexandra Arrington, Director of Community Impact for Justice Initiative When the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force released their key findings report in March of 2017, it sent shock waves across the Queen City. It explored many truths about social imbalance and opportunity gaps that many Charlotteans had long ignored and were didn’t want to admit. It’s become an oft-repeated statistic that a 2014 Harvard University study ranked Charlotte last out of a field of 50 major cities in economic mobility. But, the report…


Sprinkles of History: National Donut Day & The Salvation Army

June 6, 2019 | By Brent Rinehart | CLT Nonprofits | Creative News

Upon reading that tomorrow – June 7 –  is National Donut Day, you probably reacted one of two ways: 1) Eye-rolling about yet another National Blah Blah Blah Day, or … 2) Yay! Free donuts! But, did you know the history behind the beloved Donut Day celebration? It goes way beyond getting a free treat at your favorite bakery. The Donut’s True Beauty PHOTO CREDIT: The Salvation Army During World War I, Salvation Army volunteers, most of them women, set up small huts near the frontlines in France to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to American troops. They gave out writing supplies and stamps,…


People of Charlotte: A Few Bytes About The Dottie Rose Foundation

May 16, 2019 | By Mai-Lis | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | Columnists

You know we believe that Charlotte is a creative city. It’s also a generous one. While it doesn’t make the headlines every day, our home is bursting with people drawing from the life experience and giving of their social, financial and creative capital to improve the lives of our fellow citizens. Sharon Jones, Ed.D, founder & CEO of thedot. Consulting and the Lady Tech Charmers Podcast is one of them. Today, our friend Mai-Lis at People of Charlotte speaks with Sharon about her work with The Dottie Rose Foundation, a nonprofit organization she founded to “provide opportunities for all girls to learn computer science and…


Take This Job and Shove It – Break Out by Breaking Good

April 22, 2019 | By Josh Jacobson | CLT Nonprofits | Columnists | Editorials

Oh no! The end of the Breaking Good series! This week we close it out by calling for an infusion of private sector talent into our local nonprofit organizations. It’s a concept that goes against conventional wisdom and yet it’s exactly what we need. In other words, we’re breaking good again. “I’d love to meet and pick your brain.” There is no more gross and invasive metaphor for meeting for coffee than, “Let me pick your brain.” Please, don’t molest my noodle. But, do reach out. I love coffee. I’m one of those people who typically takes the random meeting with a person hoping to…


SHARE Charlotte: 9 Unique Ways for Teens to Give Their Time

April 10, 2019 | By Nicole Copsis, SHARE Charlotte | CLT Nonprofits | Editorials | For Newcomers | How To/Resources

At The Biscuit, we get excited about handing the reins over to tomorrow’s emerging leaders. Leadership is leadership. Inviting teens and young adults into creative public service is our jam. And, when we saw this article by chief storyteller, Nicole Copsis, published on the SHARE Charlotte blog, we had to share it. Let’s face it- service hours can sometimes feel like that thing you “have to do” with your free time, instead of that thing you are looking forward to doing in your spare time. But, what if you used your service hours as a time to explore your own interests and strengthen your skill…


If Your Nonprofit Fails in the Forest, Will Anyone Hear It?

March 12, 2019 | By Josh Jacobson | CLT Nonprofits | Columnists | Editorials | How To/Resources

Being “the best kept secret in Charlotte” might sound cool, but it’s rarely a recipe for success. And, that gets us to the question: Should nonprofits be encouraged to spend money on marketing their missions?In this week’s installment of “Breaking Good,” we reflect on a topic that pits what we know about the way the world works with how we think “charities” should function.Okay, analogy time. You’re a rising chef in the culinary world of Charlotte. You’ve studied at quality institutions and have done the hard work to earn the respect of those in the foodie scene. With the backing of a few people who…


When Volunteerism Turns Toxic

February 26, 2019 | By Josh Jacobson | CLT Nonprofits | Columnists | How To/Resources

Well, I finally did it. I picked a topic so taboo that I was rejected by several area experts when asked to go on record for this installment of “Breaking Good.” Apparently, I’m pushing boundaries and buttons here, folks. This week, I’m coining the phrase “toxic volunteerism” and unpacking why not all inclinations to serve are created equal. I think we can agree that volunteerism has been the lifeblood of nonprofits for decades. But, beware of blood poisoning. A growing trend in our region is people using their volunteerism as a social outlet – a way to make friends in a new community, an alternative…


Desperately Seeking Disruption

February 11, 2019 | By Josh Jacobson | CLT Nonprofits | Columnists | How To/Resources

There are a ton of nonprofit organizations in the Charlotte region. Thousands, in fact. Are there too many? Is that even a thing? We’re unpacking this urban legend and making a passionate case that an increased number of nonprofits is not only a good thing, but desperately needed to bring about disruption to the social good sector. When Shannon Binns founded Sustain Charlotte in 2010, city leaders didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for him. Far from it. “While I did find quick and overwhelming interest from many people about the need for an organization like Sustain Charlotte, I could not get any of…


73 Steps to Greatness

February 11, 2019 | By Amanda Fowler | CLT Nonprofits | Creative News | Happenings

The best way to get the blood flowing to your creative brain on a Friday morning is by taking four flights of stairs … right? RIGHT? Boasting a rock star lineup of city council members Braxton Winston, Dimple Ajmera, Tariq Bokhari and Larken Eagletson, the February 1 meeting of CreativeMornings/Charlotte was held on the top floor of the LakePointe 3 office space thanks to a generous donation of space from Trinity Parnters. Still, it takes a lot to efficiently usher 500+ creatives to their morning coffee on the fourth floor. The group needed to motivate attendees to take the stairs. And, that presented an opportunity….


Breaking Good: Forget “Charity.” Think Like a Business.

January 28, 2019 | By Josh Jacobson | CLT Nonprofits | Columnists | How To/Resources

Time to break Rule #1 — Nonprofits Should Raise Most of Their Dollars from Donations Click here to see the first installment of “Breaking Good” with Josh Jacobson. When I say “nonprofit,” do you think “charity?” What do these words mean and how do you conceptualize them? With today’s myth-busting missive, I’m targeting our preconceived notions about how nonprofits fuel their business models. According to the Brookings Institute, what you might think about nonprofits is probably way wrong. It may be surprising to learn that just 13% of revenue for nonprofits comes from private contributions, including all the ways you’ve probably supported a nonprofit –…


Learn More about MoRA

January 28, 2019 | By Faron Franks | CLT Nonprofits | Exploring Charlotte | For Newcomers

This neighborhood profile was submitted by Faron Franks, a Principal at the firm Shook Kelley Architects and resident of MoRA. It started with the house. A Realtor calling to say, “I think I found what you’re looking for.” Then a soggy, skeptical drive to McClintock Woods ended with that feeling you always hear about –  when the house says “Yes!” and you say “Yes!” After months of looking at every conceivable possibility, he did indeed show me what I asked for. But, was this really where I wanted to make my home? Ultimately, I said yes to that, too. Five years later I still say it…