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Happy National Radio Day!

August 20 is National Radio Day, celebrating the incredible history of radio news and the art of telling stories through the air. The staff of The Biscuit is celebrating by wearing our “Public Radio N… read more »

beSOCIAL in Plaza-Midwood May Be a “Little Secret” … But It’s Making a Huge Impact

Tucked behind Social Status in Plaza-Midwood is a bright white room with community tables, people typing away in some corners, laughing and drinking coffee in others. This free and innovative co-worki… read more »

Charlotte Is Creative … and, so are Biscuits.

What is Charlotte Is Creative? Why do we do what we do? What does it have to do with baking Biscuits? Matt OIin and Tim Miner, founders of a new nonprofit championing the power of creatives and creati… read more »

Introducing Charlotte’s Most Pawerful CFOs — Cute Furry Officers

We asked. You answered. Check out our definitive list of the four most pawerful CFOs — Chief Furry Officers — in the Queen City. When it comes to getting things done and getting belly rubs, this qua… read more »

Binge-Watching Reveals CLT Streaming Surprises

Okay, so if you watched the lead-off video on this batch of The Biscuit, our secret is out. We binge-watch Netflix shows. Like, a lot. Now, 10 out of 10 doctors say sitting on a couch crushing streami… read more »

WindBack Wednesday: 27 Years Later … We’re Still Stuck On Grandmama

This Friday, July 12 at 7pm, our pals, John Short and Miller Yoho of The Charlotte Podcast fellow members of the Queen City Podcast Network — are busting out of the solitary soundbooth for a live, pu… read more »

Why Urban Renewal in Charlotte Just Won’t Die

Editor’s note: After plans for new development displaced 120 entrepreneurs from a North End business center, we at The Biscuit decided to put the issue in a proper historic context. We spoke with Dr…. read more »

Creative Placekeeping on the East Side

If you count yourself among the legions who admire and follow Charlotte’s burgeoning mural movement, you’re a fan of Georgie Nakima.  You may not know her, but you know her art. With its complex dance… read more »

AVAILABLE CREATIVE GIGS: Arts For Life & Charlotte Is Creative

A creative requires creative organizations and businesses fueled by (you guessed it) passionate creatives. Arts for Life – 1 Part-Time Gig & 1 Full-Time Gig MISSION: Arts For Life is a 501(c)(3) n… read more »

Can you bring order to chaos? Then, we have a job for you.

Charlotte Is Creative is looking to engage the contract services of a project coordinator to make sure our creative cuckoo birds stay in the tree. Our nonprofit develops programs and initiatives desig… read more »