Played by Hausman: Vol. 2 – Boingo Graphics

May 6, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | Editor's Pick | Music | Videos

Here’s the newest Played By Hausman! For this one, we had Jason head over to one of our favorite printers, Boingo Graphics! Boingo has one of the coolest print shops in the area and we knew this was going to be a great fit for this video series. Although Boingo has some the most advanced printing technology around, Cinematographer Ben Premeaux could not pull his camera away from all the vintage/historic print machines that they still maintain. The visuals, with all the older moving parts, are what make this video come alive! Composed and performed by Jason Hausman at Hot Sakē Cinematography by Ben Premeaux…


Charlotte Secrets Revealed on Broken Crowns

March 26, 2019 | By | Editor's Pick | Videos

Lies, half-truths and deceptions abound around the Crown. Charlotteans can run from the shocking truth, but our new investigative series, “Broken Crowns” is hunting them down and busting them all wide open.


Entrepreneurs in Elevators – Pitch Tips from Dr. Stephanie Cooper-Lewter

February 24, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | Editor's Pick | Videos

Dr. Cooper – You watched Josh throw it down, now hear Dr. Stephanie Cooper-Lewter break it down as she evaluates his pitch and gives us all great tips on how to share our ideas with others quickly.


We don’t know what to say about gun violence. But, we’ll help you say it.

May 7, 2019 | By Matt Olin & Tim Miner | CLT Creatives | Creative News | Editor's Pick | Editorials

Charlotte is our home. Despite trying our best to escape it after high school, Charlotte drew us back in and has emerged to become a great love of both of our lives. Charlotte is a source of pride for us. Championing the creativity abilities alive in this city has become our passion and our purpose. It’s not a blind love. As much as Charlotte enthralls us, it also angers us, frustrates us and saddens us. When we look at our city, we see a community bursting with creative energy and potential. We also see a place where many people are hurting. A place where many…


The Business of Murals in a City of Business

April 23, 2019 | By Tim Miner | CLT Creatives | Creative News | Editor's Pick | Editorials | Exploring Charlotte | For Newcomers

It was the summer solstice of 2017. The temperature hovered just below 100 degrees. As the sun beat down on him, Jonay di Ragno painted a mural in NoDa. And, he was having the time of his life. “I was having fun. People bringing me slices of pizza and Sprite and beer,” di Ragno remembers. “I was going to start at 8 am and stop later, but people were so interested in the process, they would not let me finish. [When I went to the bathroom and came back], people were already taking pictures. [The work wasn’t even at] 50% of my vision. They were…


‘Commercial gentrification’ pushes 120 entrepreneurs out at North End biz center

April 22, 2019 | By Jonathan McFadden | CLT Creatives | Creative News | Editor's Pick | Editorials

Up to 120 small businesses in a coveted piece of North End real estate have until April 30 to move out before developers transform it into a mixed-use space for large offices and retail. Last November, Texas-based Artesia Real Estate purchased the City North Business Center at 1801 N. Tryon St., less than a mile from uptown, for $8.8 million. Plans call for Artesia to turn the sprawling business plaza into General Assembly, a 125,000-square-foot office/retail building with common meeting areas, a café and large windows for natural light. For that to happen, though, the 120 businesses — many of them black-owned — that call…


Young People Got No Time for Your Lame Nonprofit

March 27, 2019 | By Josh Jacobson | Editor's Pick | Editorials

Should a nonprofit operate more like a business? Young people seem to think so. And, amen to that. Despite arguments I have made and will make in this series about nonprofits embracing earned revenue strategies and employing for-profit talent, let’s not forget that the real power of the nonprofit model is in our collective ownership of them. It’s the nonprofit’s superpower. The Founder Generation I’m a trend guy. I love trying to understand the future through analysis of present-day data points. It’s kind of my thing. One big trend that is right around the corner will be the impact of Generation Z, which MTV dubbed…