Exploring Charlotte

Where Are We in CLT? Rex the Lion

A ginormous lion has been prowling South Park since 2007 … and his name is “Rex.” The good news is he can’t move, probably because weighs around seven tons. According to Queens Univerity, Rex, who w… read more »

Charlotte Pride Parade 2019 by Bethany Otten

It may have been blazing hot this Sunday, but nothing could deter the incredible spirit coursing through Uptown as Charlotte Pride’s 2019 celebration hit its high note with the annual Pride Parade. Wh… read more »

Where are we in CLT?

WHERE ARE WE IN CLT? On #NationalRelaxationDay (Aug. 15) … and we can’t think of a better way to spend it than renting a movie from VisArt Video and hunkering down on the couch. VisArt — located in… read more »

Where Are We in CLT? Dupp & Swat

WHERE ARE WE IN CLT? There are lots of reasons to find your way to Camp North End, but one of our faves is to drop in and check out the new mural by Charlotte artist & UNCC professor, John Hairston, J… read more »

Where are We in CLT? Free Range Brewing

All the great artists do it … hiding a self-portrait inside a masterwork. And, Charlotte’s no exception. If you’ve dropped by Free Range Brewing on North Davidson Street for a cold craft beer and a… read more »

Queen’s Feast Recap: Digging Into Four “O.G. CLT” Restaurants

Daydeaming about where to eat this weekend? We won’t tell your boss, but we WILL give you some recommendations. During Queen’s Feast, we dispatched the #CLTAvengers, Charlotte’s mightiest Instagrammer… read more »

Where Are We in CLT? Charlotte Pipe & Foundry

If you’re like us, you’ve driven past the entry monument in front of Charlotte Pipe & Foundry on Morehead Street a million times and wondered, “What is in that gigantic pipe?” Well, we stopped wonderi… read more »

Where are We in CLT? The Pillar of Dreams

Standing there like it grew out of the earth in front of the new Mecklenburg County Social Services building off Freedom Drive, you’ll find the “Pillars of Dreams” by artist Marc Fornes. Installed ear… read more »

Where Are We in CLT? Sedgefield Totem

WHERE ARE WE IN CLT? The “Sedgefield Totem” cheerfully greets guests to the Sedgefield Campus of Dilowrth Elementary on Hartford Avenue. It was created by artist Paula Smith and erected in 2016 as par… read more »

Where Are We in CLT? Savona Mill Trolleys

Where are we in CLT? While you’re waiting in construction traffic for the new streetcars near Johnson & Wales and Johnson C. Smith University, take a quick detour down South Turner Street in the Sever… read more »