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The Biscuit Podcast – The Knight Foundation’s Celebrate Charlotte Arts Grant

May 16, 2019 | By Andy Goh, Tim Miner | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | Creative News | How To/Resources | Podcasts

In April, the Knight Foundation announced the creation of a new initiative, Celebrate Charlotte Arts, inspired by recent efforts like BOOM Charlotte and Goodyear Arts. A unique program designed to bolster and accelerate the growth of the arts and its impact on the community in the Queen City, Celebrate Charlotte Arts allows creatives across a wide array of disciplines to apply for a grant of up to $25,000 from an available pool of $200,000 the Knight Foundation has reserved for this effort. Applications are due on June 7 and community information sessions about the effort are scheduled May 21-23. To explore the origins of Celebrate…


Stacy Cassio of Pink Mentor Network

March 12, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | How To/Resources | Videos

Stacy Cassio of Pink Mentor Network drops an elevator pitch like a champ with assists from Kristi Thomas and Rodrick Banks of Wells Fargo. Watch this and learn how it’s done!


Pitching Tips from Moira Quinn

December 30, 2018 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | How To/Resources | Videos


Pitching Tips from The Unicorn Daddy

December 15, 2018 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | How To/Resources | Videos


Chris Elmore

October 22, 2018 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | How To/Resources | Videos

In this episode, Amanda Zullo of Pop-Up Produces pitches to Chris Elmore of AvidXChange. Want more tips? Click here »


Brand the Moth is Searching for First-Time Muralists

June 4, 2019 | By Porter Metzler | CLT Creatives | Creative News | How To/Resources

Have you ever wanted to try something new, but you didn’t know where to start? To take that next step in your career or your passion, but the task ahead seemed too daunting? Sometimes you just need a helping hand — whether you are a writer who wants to finally tackle that novel, an at-home baker who wants to open a pastry shop or, in this case, an artist who wants to paint the city’s next beautiful mural but doesn’t know how. Brand the Moth, a nonprofit focused on public art in Charlotte that just won the coaches prize at #SEED20, is lending their support…


200Artists: SouthEnd ARTS Helps Artists Find Their Voice (and Each Other)

May 28, 2019 | By Porter Metzler | CLT Creatives | Creative News | Happenings | How To/Resources

Charlotte’s a growing city. And, that can mean growing pains. New restaurants, breweries and apartments seem to pop up all across the city overnight, but when these businesses come in, artists are often displaced. While it’s exciting to see our city expand, it is important to realize the impact these new spaces create on our community.  As recently as 2017, over 100 artists in South End lost their affordable studio and exhibition spaces. The lack of affordable studio spaces led to the creation of SouthEnd ARTS in 2018 and later, their grassroots 200Artists movement. The dynamic of SouthEnd’s art community was struggling with the changes…


SHARE Charlotte: 9 Unique Ways for Teens to Give Their Time

April 10, 2019 | By Nicole Copsis, SHARE Charlotte | CLT Nonprofits | Editorials | For Newcomers | How To/Resources

At The Biscuit, we get excited about handing the reins over to tomorrow’s emerging leaders. Leadership is leadership. Inviting teens and young adults into creative public service is our jam. And, when we saw this article by chief storyteller, Nicole Copsis, published on the SHARE Charlotte blog, we had to share it. Let’s face it- service hours can sometimes feel like that thing you “have to do” with your free time, instead of that thing you are looking forward to doing in your spare time. But, what if you used your service hours as a time to explore your own interests and strengthen your skill…


Springtime Sip: Skylark Cocktail by Bob Peters

March 27, 2019 | By Bob Peters | CLT Creatives | How To/Resources

Suns out, guns out? Nah. We say: Cocktail? Never fail. Spring is springing, birds are singing and pollen is flying , but there’s still a little nip in the air when the sun goes down. That sounds like a perfect excuse to hit up our buddy, mixologist extraordinaire, Bob Peters for a concoction that fit to help open up the back porch or the patio, while winter still has a toe in the door. Skylark Cocktail Ingredients 2 oz of 1792 Small Batch Bourbon 3/4 oz of Fernet Branca 1 oz of blackberry syrup After mixing the items above, stir. Strain into coupe glass and…


If Your Nonprofit Fails in the Forest, Will Anyone Hear It?

March 12, 2019 | By Josh Jacobson | CLT Nonprofits | Columnists | Editorials | How To/Resources

Being “the best kept secret in Charlotte” might sound cool, but it’s rarely a recipe for success. And, that gets us to the question: Should nonprofits be encouraged to spend money on marketing their missions?In this week’s installment of “Breaking Good,” we reflect on a topic that pits what we know about the way the world works with how we think “charities” should function.Okay, analogy time. You’re a rising chef in the culinary world of Charlotte. You’ve studied at quality institutions and have done the hard work to earn the respect of those in the foodie scene. With the backing of a few people who…


Chef Ron: Recipe for Chicken & Dumplings

March 12, 2019 | By Chef Ron Alhert | How To/Resources

Chicken and Dumplings by Chef Ron Alhert of Community Culinary School of Charlotte Ingredients: Vegetable oil, as needed (or fat rendered from chicken) 1 yellow onions, diced (1 ½ cups) 3 bunches celery diced (1 cup ) 2 carrots, diced (1 cup) 2 tsp Thyme 1 Tbsp Dill 8 cups of chicken stock, plus more as needed 2 cups of heavy cream Salt and pepper as needed 1 roasted chicken, pulled (use the carcass to make stock) For the Dumplings 3 cups flour 6-7 ounces of ice cold water Making the Broth Heat a large pot over high heat. Add the vegetable oil then the…


When Volunteerism Turns Toxic

February 26, 2019 | By Josh Jacobson | CLT Nonprofits | Columnists | How To/Resources

Well, I finally did it. I picked a topic so taboo that I was rejected by several area experts when asked to go on record for this installment of “Breaking Good.” Apparently, I’m pushing boundaries and buttons here, folks. This week, I’m coining the phrase “toxic volunteerism” and unpacking why not all inclinations to serve are created equal. I think we can agree that volunteerism has been the lifeblood of nonprofits for decades. But, beware of blood poisoning. A growing trend in our region is people using their volunteerism as a social outlet – a way to make friends in a new community, an alternative…


CHEF ALYSSA: Ricotta Cheese with Balsamic Figs

February 26, 2019 | By Alyssa Wilen | How To/Resources

Ricotta Cheese with Balsamic Figs from Chef Alyssa Makes 1 Pint  Ingredients for Ricotta 4 cups whole milk 2 cups heavy cream 2 tsp kosher salt 3 Tbsp lemon juice 3 Tbsp apple cider vinegar Instructions: Prepare a strainer lined with two or three layers of cheesecloth over a bowl. Ready a piece of butchers twine for trussing the bundle later. Pour the milk and cream into a stainless-steel pot and stir in the salt. Bring the heat on the milk up to a full boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Using a wooden spoon, stir in the lemon juice and vinegar. Turn off the…


Desperately Seeking Disruption

February 11, 2019 | By Josh Jacobson | CLT Nonprofits | Columnists | How To/Resources

There are a ton of nonprofit organizations in the Charlotte region. Thousands, in fact. Are there too many? Is that even a thing? We’re unpacking this urban legend and making a passionate case that an increased number of nonprofits is not only a good thing, but desperately needed to bring about disruption to the social good sector. When Shannon Binns founded Sustain Charlotte in 2010, city leaders didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for him. Far from it. “While I did find quick and overwhelming interest from many people about the need for an organization like Sustain Charlotte, I could not get any of…



February 11, 2019 | By Chef Michael Bowling | How To/Resources

Marinade: – 1 cup Low sodium soy sauce – 2 tbls puree Pinapple – 2 tbls puree Kiwi – 1 tbls garlic – 2 tbls fresh ginger – 1/4 sugar ( optional ) – Thinly-sliced Shortribs (Best place to buy is Asian market/Compare Foods) – Bok Choy – Jasmine Rice Instructions: 1) In a mixing bowl add all ingredients to marinade. 2) Stir till well mixed or sugar dissolved. 3) In a ziplock bag or covered dish, pour marinade over shortribs. Let sit 6 -12 hours, but not more than 24 hours. 4) Blanch and shock, split Bok Choy. Reserve until ready to cook/grill. 4)…


Breaking Good: Forget “Charity.” Think Like a Business.

January 28, 2019 | By Josh Jacobson | CLT Nonprofits | Columnists | How To/Resources

Time to break Rule #1 — Nonprofits Should Raise Most of Their Dollars from Donations Click here to see the first installment of “Breaking Good” with Josh Jacobson. When I say “nonprofit,” do you think “charity?” What do these words mean and how do you conceptualize them? With today’s myth-busting missive, I’m targeting our preconceived notions about how nonprofits fuel their business models. According to the Brookings Institute, what you might think about nonprofits is probably way wrong. It may be surprising to learn that just 13% of revenue for nonprofits comes from private contributions, including all the ways you’ve probably supported a nonprofit –…


Recipes Fit for a Queen: Rosemary Mustard Turkey Burgers

January 28, 2019 | By The Biscuit Staff | How To/Resources

Rosemary Mustard Turkey Burgers from Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen Ingredients 1 Lb. Ground Turkey 3 Tablespoons of Smoked Chili and Rosemary Mustard Sliced Swiss Cheese Instructions: Mix 3 Tablespoons of Smoked Chili and Rosemary Mustard with 1 pound of ground turkey. Grill until done and serve with additional mustard spread. Top with Swiss cheese. You can order the Smoked Chili & Rosemary Mustard here. Still hungry? Take a few more bites. Dig into more about Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen: WEB | IG | TW


Reinhart’s Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits

January 14, 2019 | By The Biscuit Staff | How To/Resources

There are many ways to make biscuits, whether drop style, cream biscuits, lard or shortening biscuits, angel biscuits, you name it. But this recipe and method makes a very flaky and tender biscuit, and the lamination method described below causes the biscuits to rise open like an accordion, creating flaky layers. Peter Reinhart is the “Chef on Assignment” at Johnson & Wales University here in Charlotte where, for the past 14 years he has taught classes on bread baking, pizza making, and food media production. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Johnson & Wales International Symposium on Bread. Peter is the author of…


RECIPES FIT FOR A QUEEN: What Do You Mean Green Strawberries?

December 29, 2018 | By Bob Peters | How To/Resources

Instructions: 1oz of Tito’s vodka 1oz of green strawberry tarragon syrup Add these ingredients into shaker filled with ice Shake/double strain into champagne flute Top with prosecco or champagne Garnish with pickled green strawberries Recipe for Green Strawberry Tarragon Syrup Rough chop 1/8lb of fresh tarragon, place in pot with one liter of water Quarter 1:2lb of un-ripe green strawberries, place into pot with the tarragon and water Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer for 30 min, remove from heat Add 2 cups of sugar, stir until completely dissolved, strain off all solid ingredients Store in a separate container in the refrigerator…


Hot local gifts when you’re a hot mess

December 13, 2018 | By The Biscuit Staff | How To/Resources

When you’re exceptionally good at waiting until you’re screwed during the holidays, you’d better be equally adept at unscrewing yourself. To do that, you don’t just need to know where to get great gifts. You need to know how to get Hail Mary, CYA gifts. So, we asked some of our favorite Charlotteans where they go to save their bacon. Here’s what they told us. (Names are abbreviated to protect the innocent. Or, the guilty.) The People’s Choice: Paper Skyscraper 330 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203 Dig in on Instagram.  Let’s get this out of the way: There are great ideas below, but there was…