They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. That’s good because we’re quickly running out of words over here. Charlotte is teeming with amazing photographers of every style and career level, and The Biscuit is proud to feature their work. So get-to-clickin' and get yourself an eyeful of all the art, creativity, stories and events happening throughout Crown Town every day – courtesy of our city’s most seasoned shutterbugs.

UnCommon Details: Peter Pan at Children’s Theater

The Biscuit’s co-publisher, Matt Olin, saw his first Broadway show at age seven: Peter Pan, starring Sandy Duncan. From the moment Peter flew over his head in the front row, he was hooked on theater f… read more »

Viewfinder: Shy Siren

NY transplant and CLT creative, Sara Schwittek — AKA Shy Siren — is known for the gorgeous custom jewelry she makes (and for truly being really, really shy).  But, we love her photography, too. We w… read more »

INK STORIES: Sir Abstraxxx Honors His Grandfather

People get tattoo ink to tell stories. Some of these stories we keep to ourselves. Others we tell whenever someone implores the common “who does your work?” Today, we explore the tattoos of Charlottea… read more »

VIEWFINDER: Dave Butler Captures the CLT DJ Battle Scene

Each month, The Biscuit will feature Viewfinder, a gallery of selected photographs from some of our favorite Charlotte photographers. Today we feature some choice shots from creative renaissance man,… read more »

The Sights! Rebecca Henderson at CreativeMornings/Charlotte

The Charlotte community is brimming with creativity at every corner. But, it’s impossible to experience it all. When you can’t be there in person, the fun and excitement are often lost in the telling…. read more »

Throwback Thursday – That time two Charlotte luminaries

Throwback Thursday – That time two Charlotte luminaries — Anthony Hamilton and Deborah Triplett – hugged in Romare Bearden Park. Go on, try not to smile.

Where are we in CLT?

WHERE ARE WE IN CLT? DJ Fannie Mae christened the new James Moore mural at Camp North End with a surprise show during End-To-End.

Davita Galloway

Get another helping of The Biscuit tomorrow! We’ll be digging in with the indomitable Davita Galloway about her “new new” Dupp & Swat space at Camp North End. Photo by Joshua Galloway, the Creative Ge… read more »

Tariq Bokhari and Larken Egleston

In an era when Democrats and Republicans can barely agree that water is wet and the sky is blue, it’s refreshing to experience the friendship between city council members and hosts of the R & D in… read more »

Happy May 20!

Happy May 20! The “Spirit of Mecklenburg” equestrian statue by Chas Fagan honors Captain James Jack and his ride at the corner of 4th Street and Kings Drive. See Chas speak about his sculpting career… read more »