Express Yourself on Social with Cutomized GIFs!

Express yourself … In A GIF! You don’t need GIFs of crying James Van Der Beek or President Obama dropping the mic to express your emotions on social media and texts. You need GIFs of YOU crying and… read more »

Providence – The Fragrance of South Charlotte

Where was her love hiding? Was it secretly coded in the monograms of her kids’ matching outfits? Could love be hiding in the wine glass at lunch? Or the wine glass at the pool? Somewhere between “in t… read more »

50 Seconds in The Winners’ Circle on “CLT Pyramid”

Sometime back in the mid-to-late 1980s, Matt and Tim made it to The Winners’ Circle on an episode of “CLT Pyramid.” Thanks to the wonders of VHS technology, you can relive all the tension and exhilara… read more »

Enjoy a First Taste of The Biscuit

Dear friends, one day a month isn’t enough to share the stories of how creatives shaping the future of our city. So, we’ve cooked up The Biscuit, a new media channel to help us tell the stories of Que… read more »

What happens when you have one too many coffee meetings in a day?

“This is caffeine. This is your meeting on caffeine.” Every day, thousands of people in Charlotte … and across the world … meet over coffee. The Queen City has a dazzling array of great local coff… read more »

Queen City Quiz Show: Work Like a Dog Day

Tim Miner dropped by “Good Day Charlotte” at WJZY on August 5 to celebrate “Work Like a Dog Day” by quizzing  Jason Harper and Ann Wyatt Little about Queen City canine culture. Enjoy!

Charlotte Is Creative … and, so are Biscuits.

What is Charlotte Is Creative? Why do we do what we do? What does it have to do with baking Biscuits? Matt OIin and Tim Miner, founders of a new nonprofit championing the power of creatives and creati… read more »

Sonja Gantt Teaches Us to End Well

Before an audience of more than 350 in historic Biddle Hall on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University, Sonja Gantt spoke of “ending well.” She candidly explored her decision to fight conventional w… read more »

So, You Moved to Charlotte

While dumpster diving behind Morrison Library during its recent renovation, we unearthed a long-forgotten documentary short that had seemingly been tossed way, entitled “How to fit in in the Queen Cit… read more »

Introducing … the CBDoodle!

CBD-infused products are taking over the Queen City. You’ve tried CBD-infused oils, cosmetics and gummy bears. Now, experience the latest in CBD-infused innovations — the Cannabis Canine or CBDoodle,… read more »