Always Go with “Plan B” — Michael B. DeMayo

June 12, 2019 | By The Biscuit Staff | Videos

Michael B. takes the cases that Michael A. won’t touch … especially if your case is tinged with righteous indignation. When the chicken nuggets take too long at the drive thru or the soccer coach has benched your son because he’s terrible, there only decision. Always go with Plan B. Watch this video now and see it again during Charlotte Squawks, playing at the Booth Playhouse through June 23.


The IT Crowd Featuring Charlotte

June 12, 2019 | By The Biscuit Staff | Videos


Charlotte Squawks & The Biscuit Present – Vi-Way with Mayor Vi Lyles

June 6, 2019 | By The Biscuit Staff | Exploring Charlotte | Videos

The City of Charlotte Department of Transportation and the Arts & Science Council are both facing budget shortfalls. In order to achieve their respective missions, these two organizations have teamed up for the creation of the Vehicle-free Intra-Charlotte Wormhole Art-portals, utilizing the latest in inter-dimensional engineering and avant-garde art to move our people physically and emotionally. Watch this short video from Mayor Vi Lyles to see how this marvel of engineering and a triumph of the human spirit works. This video and more are featured in the current run of Charlotte Squawks through June 23. Tickets available here.


Queen City Quiz Show

June 4, 2019 | By Matt Olin & Tim Miner | Exploring Charlotte | Videos

Friday, June 7 is National Donut Day. While it’s obvious we love biscuits in the morning around here, we enthusiastically support breakfast-time confections and carbohydrates in any form. So, Biscuit-baker, Tim Miner, quizzed Good Day Charlotte’s hosts Page Fehling and Jason Harper about Queen City donut shops to prepare them for the big day. And, to tempt you, here are links to all the donuts featured in the quiz. Please … don’t lick the screen. Pepperbox Doughnuts – Malted Blueberry Doughnut Suarez Bakery – Cold Brew Coffee Donut Reigning Doughnuts – Matcha Coconut Doughnut Uncle D’s Southern Donuts – Strawberry Cheese Cake Donut Dough Re…


The Courtship of Charlotte City Council

May 30, 2019 | By The Biscuit Staff | Videos

We at The Biscuit live to cover the hard-hitting issues that face the Queen City every day. Issues like: What happens when two Charlotte City Council members eat ice cream, play on a see-saw and ride a (much too small) tandem bike? Well, now we know. And, when you click the link below, so will you. To help with the 15th year of Charlotte Squawks, The Biscuit captured the unique relationship between Charlotte City Council members, Tariq Bokhari and Larken Eagleston on film lead into a musical number about the Cross-Charlotte Trail. You can see the hilarious song that follows this … and more Biscuit…


Holiday Hangover Cure! A Biscuit a Day for Three Days.

May 28, 2019 | By Tim Miner | Videos

Long weekends are awesome … until they’re over. It’s back to the grindstone, kids. So, grab a cup of coffee. (If it’s Irish Coffee, we won’t judge.) And, take a bit ol’ bite of today’s Biscuit. After you do, the weekend won’t seem so far away. STAY HUNGRY! Tomorrow, we’ll massage your ears with another installment of The Biscuit Podcast, plus information on how new muralists can learn from the Queen City’s mural masters. On Thursday, we’ve got a special Charlotte Squawks edition Biscuit video and a slice of pizza knowledge from Chef Peter Reinhart.


The Truth About the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence

May 20, 2019 | By | Exploring Charlotte | O.G. CLT | Videos

After decades of debate from scholars, patriots, and Charlotteans about the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, The Biscuit is putting the balderdash to bed. On this, the 244th anniversary of the Meck Dec, we put those at the center of the scandal in our white-hot oven and smoke out the real story. What happened to the Meck Dec? Was it real? Watch this installment of “Broken Crowns” to discover the truth. Need some background on the Meck Dec? Check out the May 20th Society’s FAQ Page:


Changes to the Biscuit are Coming!

May 16, 2019 | By | Creative News | Videos

You may have noticed that we’ve been rationing Biscuits this week. By now, you’re probably ravenous. Well, there’s a good reason for it, and Matt Olin and Tim Miner tell you all about it in less than 60 seconds in this video. Next week, get ready to feast.


XM Divas

May 9, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | Videos

Every day, we have thousands of thoughts we just can’t find the words to say. Feelings we just can’t express. Emotions we just can’t emote. But now, we don’t have to. We have the XM Divas to do it for us. And, baby, they’re belting it out.


Charlotte SHOUT!

May 8, 2019 | By | Creative News | Exploring Charlotte | Videos

Happy Wednesday! We are just one day away from the main events of Charlotte SHOUT! taking over Uptown, so … it’s pretty much like the Super Bowl. Music. Art. Food. Ideas. It’s a smorgasbord. Oh yeah … and we’ve hidden FREE ticket giveaways & specials for SHOUT! events in each article. Enjoy the hunt. And, get ready to SHOUT!


Played by Hausman: Vol. 2 – Boingo Graphics

May 6, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | Editor's Pick | Music | Videos

Here’s the newest Played By Hausman! For this one, we had Jason head over to one of our favorite printers, Boingo Graphics! Boingo has one of the coolest print shops in the area and we knew this was going to be a great fit for this video series. Although Boingo has some the most advanced printing technology around, Cinematographer Ben Premeaux could not pull his camera away from all the vintage/historic print machines that they still maintain. The visuals, with all the older moving parts, are what make this video come alive! Composed and performed by Jason Hausman at Hot Sakē Cinematography by Ben Premeaux…


Tucker & Cohen

April 30, 2019 | By | Videos


To Be The Best, You Must Be Able To Handle The Worst

April 29, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | Videos


BOOM goes Crown Town! What’s biting in The Biscuit on April 23

April 22, 2019 | By | Videos

As we prepare for the BOOM Charlotte to launch us into the creative stratosphere in Plaza-Midwood April 26-28, we’re exploring the business of making murals in today’s batch of The Biscuit. We’re also taking a musical journey with Wray Ward’s senior designer, Dave Haire, and his son and taking our last “Breaking Good” coffee with Josh Jacobson as he shares his thoughts on recruiting nonprofit leaders from the Queen City business community. Hungry yet? Head over to


Kat Holland “The One” Music Video

March 28, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | Music | Videos

Jam on into the weekend with “The One” a new single from Charlotte’s Kat Holland. This one’s the opposite of NSFW. Crank it up. The office will thank you.


Charlotte Secrets Revealed on Broken Crowns

March 26, 2019 | By | Editor's Pick | Videos

Lies, half-truths and deception abound around the Crown. Charlotteans can run from the shocking truth, but our new investigative series is hunting them down. To stay abreast of the latest shameful secrets in the Queen City, subscribe to The Biscuit.


Stacy Cassio of Pink Mentor Network

March 12, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | How To/Resources | Videos

Stacy Cassio of Pink Mentor Network drops an elevator pitch like a champ with assists from Kristi Thomas and Rodrick Banks of Wells Fargo. Watch this and learn how it’s done!


Nikki Eason

March 12, 2019 | By | Videos

MOGUL MOMENT: You can be the people you admire and aspire to be … if you do it. Nikki Eason, the Mogul, says it. We believe it.


Not Just Coffee, You’ve Been Played

February 26, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | Music | Videos

We challenged Emmy Award-winning composer + sound designer Jason Hausman of Hot Sakē to “play” a local business. He responded by creating this remarkable piece produced almost entirely with sounds captured at Not Just Coffee. Behold, Vol. 1 of Played By Hausman.


Entrepreneurs in Elevators – Pitch Tips from Dr. Stephanie Cooper-Lewter

February 24, 2019 | By | CLT Creatives | CLT Nonprofits | Editor's Pick | Videos

Dr. Cooper – You watched Josh throw it down, now hear Dr. Stephanie Cooper-Lewter break it down as she evaluates his pitch and gives us all great tips on how to share our ideas with others quickly.