HUGUMENTARY: Deborah Triplett Fills the Cracks of Cancer with Gold

by on January 9, 2020

Charlotte photographer, Deborah Triplett, heard the words no one wants to hear: “You have stage 3 lung cancer.”

Revelations like that affect people differently. The diagnosis informs them. But, it doesn’t have to come to define them. Deborah addressed the situation in two ways:

  • She told her doctor, “What do I need to get this out of me? Let’s start now!”
  • She thought to herself, “I know all these artists. Maybe I can ask the artists I know to paint my head.”

She did both. In April 2019, she applied and received a $250 HUG Micro-Grant to buy film for her project and reached out to artists. She also embraced the ancient art of Wabi-sabi — accepting the transience and imperfection of life. As Deborah says, she chose to “fill the cracks with gold.”

Charlotte Star Room followed her on the first steps of her journey — she’s building to a public exhibition of her photographs of the project — in a HUGumentary. And, you can watch her incredibly emotional story above.

Give These Artists Another Hug

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  1. Oh, what a touching and uplifting video of your journey. It is great that you thought of involving all your artist friends that know and love you. I have heard Sharon speak of you many times. You are one of her dear friends. I love the creative way that you flipped a negative into a positive.

  2. Deborah Triplett you should know that you leave joy and light wherever you go. Your legacy is how you embrace the world and make it better. We have only had two short meetings but whenever your name comes up I think to myself, that’s my girl! Well done!

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