The Biscuit Podcast – July 3, 2019

by on July 2, 2019

Don’t go around hungry for knowledge. Grab a second plate.

Season your mind with $han Wallace: IG

Have a helping of The Roll Up: IG

Take a bite out of history at Levine Museum of the New South: IG | WEB

On today’s podcast, we’ve got two segments that you’re going to want to listen to.

In the first segment, we profile $han Wallace a photographer from Baltimore who is in residency at The Roll Up, a project exploring economic improvement through people, community arts, and creative strategies in the Camp Greene community until November. In a new monthly segment, you’ll hear in the first episode of each month, we’ll check in with $han to see how she’s spending her time in the Queen City. We’ll get to know her, her thoughts about the city, her art and the impact she’s making in the community.

In the second segment, writer Jonathan McFadden sits down with Levine Museum of the New South staff historian Dr. Willie Griffin for the first in a three-part series diving into Charlotte’s history of gentrification, how it affects us today, and how we’ll deal with it in the future. This is part of an ongoing series about the forces affecting the spaces Charlotte creatives use to do their work.