Video Submission Form


We believe that Charlotte is creative. Sharing that simple idea has driven our efforts with CreativeMornings/Charlotte, led to the foundation of the HUG (Helpful, Unfettered Gift) micro-grant program and, ultimately, to use starting our own nonprofit -- Charlotte Is Creative and our media channel, 

Working with you and so many others, we’re proud of the inroads we’ve made over the past four years. Together, we’re changing the established narrative about Charlotte. And, it’s working.

But, we need more tools to tell the story. And, we need your help.

We are teaming with Wray Ward to produce a 90-second, high-energy video all if us can use to show people inside and out of Charlotte the amazing creativity that is being expressed in the Queen City on a daily basis. We’d like to include clips of your work.

The speed and scope of our video will be inspired by this video piece made to promote LA creativity:

When we’re done, we plan on promoting this video far and wide and making it available for you and other to use in your own efforts.  

If you are interested in contributing some existing footage for the opportunity to be represented in the final video, here’s all you need to do:

Fill out this form and share links to video(s) from your website, social media channels, YouTube, Vimeo or others you’d like us to consider using. Please share it with us by September 20.

We’re looking for a second or two of many videos to include. We’ll review what you send us and contact you directly to secure a download of a higher-res version of what we’d like to use.

Once our video is complete, we’ll send you a link you can use in your own efforts. 

Let us know if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing from you!


Matt Olin & Tim Miner